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UMINF 2007

1 Dipak Surie
Thomas Pederson
Fabien Lagriffoul
Lars-Erik Janlert
Daniel Sjölie
Activity Recognition using an "Egocentric" Perspective of Everyday Objects
3 Annabella Loconsole
Jürgen Börstler
Construction and Validation of Prediction Models for Number of Changes to Requirements
4 Frank Drewes
Delegation Networks
5 Thomas Hellström
Thomas Johansson
Ola Ringdahl
A Software Framework for Control and Sensing in Mobile Robotics
12 Jeanette Tångrot
Bo Kågström
Uwe H. Sauer
Accurate Domain Identification with Structure-Anchored Hidden Markov Models, saHMMs
14 Jeanette Tångrot
Bo Kågström
Uwe H. Sauer
Combinatorial Selection Improves Hidden Markov Model Performance
18 Magnus Eriksson
Jürgen Börstler
Kjell Borg
Anchoring the Product Line Process - Tailoring the RUP Life-Cycle Model to Software Product Line Development
23 Jürgen Börstler
Michael E. Caspersen
Marie Nordström
Beauty and the Beast--Toward a Measurement Framework for Example Program Quality
24 Magnus Eriksson
Engineering Families of Software-Intensive Systems using Features, Goals and Scenarios
25 Erik Billing
Representing Behavior - Distributed theories in a context of robotics
26 Marie Nordström
PigLatinJava - troubleshooting examples