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Navigation Project
Intelligent Robotics

Nav2000 - a Software Framework for Control and Sensing in Mobile Robotics

Nav2000 is a mobile-robot middleware implemented in Java, allowing efficient configuration of the robot's sensors and actuators. In many ways it has the same functionality as ARIA, the software shipped with the AmigoBot and Pioneer robots. The main difference is that Nav2000 is more general and works better in Java than ARIA's Java API does. The Nav2000 system can be distributed over a network of computers if some software modules require more computing power, i.e. more hardware can be added to the system without any software changes. It supports many different sensors and it is fairly easy to add new sensors as well. A dedicated health monitor system keeps track of all software modules loaded onto the local computer, and also communicates with health monitors in all other computers running the system. The overall health of every module as well as a more detailed description of possible problems is presented graphically. In addition to this, the system uses logfiles to enable debugging and performance analysis of hardware and software modules. Currently the system supports four different robot platforms; a forest machine, a 3D simulator, the AmigoBot and Pioneer robots. The system was developed as part of the project Autonomous navigation for forest machines and was primarily designed and implemented by Thomas Johansson.

You can download the source code and also some configuration files for use with AmigoBot and Pioneer robots in the menu to the left. If you have any suggestions or questions, please contact Ola Ringdahl or Thomas Johansson

Content last updated on May 06 2010