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SERPS'06 - Submission Guidelines

Participants are encouraged to submit contributions in one of the following categories:

Researchers are encouraged to submit research or experience papers. All contributions should consider the practical application of the ideas advanced through case studies, experiments, or systematic comparisons with other approaches already in practice. Papers will be reviewed by at least two reviewers and accepted papers will be included in the proceedings. However, the copyright is owned by the author(s). Papers should be no longer than 10 pages.

Submissions from industry
Submissions intended to provide independent views on a relevant theme are welcome. Practitioners with limited experience of writing conference papers might find it useful and timesaving to write a paper together with an academic researcher. Contact any Program Committee member for advice. Please note that no commercial or sales-oriented papers will be accepted. Papers should be no longer than 10 pages.

Ph.D. students who are soon to present their licentiate or doctoral thesis or recently have presented a thesis are encouraged to submit the thesis abstract. Thesis abstract should be no longer than 2 pages.

Submission procedure
All submissions should be in PDF format and follow ACM SIG Proceedings format. Submissions must be done on or before Sep 18 using the official SERPS'06 submission website.



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