Niklas Zechner

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Niklas Zechner

Zechner in 2017
Born21 March 1984
Karlskrona, Sweden
ResidenceUmeå, Sweden
Alma materLund University
Royal Holloway
Umeå University
Doctoral advisorJohanna Björklund
Other academic advisorsHans-Uno Bengtsson
Stuart Flockton
Andrzej Lingas
Emailzechner (at)

Niklas Zechner (born 21 March 1984) is a Swedish scientist and composer. He is currently doing his PhD in computing science at Umeå university.


Early life and education

He was born in Karlskrona, and shortly thereafter moved to Eslöv, where he grew up with his parents and two sisters. He started playing piano at age six, and soon branched out into other instruments. After finishing school, he moved to Lund, where he studied computer science, mathematics, physics and music. In 2007, he moved to Egham in England, to study at Royal Holloway and Bedford New College, University of London, where he got his BSc in physics and music after two years. Following that, he returned to Lund, where he continued in the fields of computer science and music, and also studied linguistics. Upon finishing his MSc in computer science, he moved to Umeå where he got a PhD position at Umeå University.

Scientific career

Zechner's area in computer science is mainly focused on the theoretical, and has also been influenced by his interest in linguistics. He is part of the Natural and Formal Languages research group at Umeå University. At present, he is working on a project on text classification, in collaboration with the Swedish Defence Research Agency, as well as more theoretical projects on automata theory.


Zechner showed an interest in music at an early age, and started playing several instruments as well as writing music. In 1992, he became concertmaster of the Eslöv Music School String Orchestra. A few years later, he played with a rock band, which was seen on stage with such unlikely collaborators as Sven-Ingvars and Lasse Berghagen, and the jazz band Jazzå, mentored by saxophonist Per Bäcker. He wrote several pieces for the latter; one reviewer classified them as "pop-punk-ethno-jazz". During his early university studies, he also studied music history under Sixten Nordström, as well as music theory. Upon returning to Sweden in 2009, he joined the Lund Student Folk Music Orchestra, where he played the key fiddle, and later became musical director. He is presently a member of the pop band R&U and the swing band Avstamp.

In popular culture

Zechner and his fiddle in 2010

Although he has been seen on television and in various printed publications, Zechner has never been heard on the radio. He has, however, been seen on the radio, in a sense. On the webpage of Radio Sweden, Zechner - or at least his hand - appears in the icon for the folk music section.


Scientific publications

Other works

  • Good Problems. A collection of physics, mathematics and algorithmics problems.

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