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Uppsatserna finns för utlåning till studenter som läser datavetenskap vid Umeå universitet - kontakta Anne-Lie Persson.
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538. Adlerborn Björn.: Parallel Reduction of a Block Hessenberg-Triangular Matrix Pair to Hessenberg-Triangular Form – Algorithm Design and Performance Results.

539. Birmé Jonas.: Document Management System Security
540. Reichwald, Jonny.: Evaluation of Automatized Methods for Coregistration and Interpolation of PET and MR Brain Images in Theory and Practice

541. Gerhardsson, Gabriel.:Cacheprobe: An open source multiplatform library implementation for extraction of cache memeory parameters.
542. Almqvist Jens.: Visualisering av Latent Semantisk Analys

543. Skott Thomas.: Measuring moisture content in ore concetrate

544. Ögren Robert.: Arkitekturförslag för webapplikation

545. Molla Bashar.: An Overview of Object Oriented Design Heuristics

546. Hossain Mohamma Mokarom.: Tracking Paper Notes on a Distributed Physical- Virtual Bulletin Board.

547. Lidström Roland.: Explicitly Blocked Algorithms for some Triangular Discrete-time Matrix Equations on Shared Memory Platforms

548. Nyström Jonas.: Implementing Parallel Recursive Blocked Algorithm for Solving the Standard Triangular Sylvester Matrix Equation

549. Olofsson Urban, Sjöström Rickard.: A Prototype for Extending Global IP Connectivity in Ad Hoc Networks.

*550. Häggström Jonas.: WLAN-positionering

551. Surie Dipak.: An Agent-Centrik Approach to Implicit Human-Computer Interaction

552. Borgström Jonas.: ARIA and Matlab Integration with Applications

553. Häggström Christian.: Detection of Memory Allocation Bugs on system Level

      554. Mohammed Mohd Mushtaq.: Project Management Measures for Small Enterprises

     555. Kandula Ganesh och Sathrasala VInay Kumar.: Product and Management Metrics for Requirements

556. Azab Karl.: Macro Tree Transducers in TREEBAG

557. Barsk Martin.: A seamless vertical handover system prototype

558. Israelsson  Josef.: An integration of Java APIs for Bluetooth with Teleca’s software suite Obigo

559. Edvall Therese.: Mobilt inventeringssystem för kemikalieregister

560. Jennerstig Jonas.: Novel molecular phylogenetics using pairwise alignments

561. Andersson Magnus.: Semi-Automatic Generation of MATLAB Gateway Functions of Numerical Fortran Routines

562. Forssell Johan.: An evaluation of a physical-virtual design framework

563. Forsgren Tobias.: Mobil webb – Är det praktiskt användbart?

564. Johansson Peter.: Improving camera calibration, Applying least squares method to control point measurement

565. Hagnelius Anders.: Visual Odometry

566. Kjellqvist Erik.: Part of Speech Tagging as an Application to Key Word Extractions Models for Swedish Company web Pages. Implications of Statistical Know-how Enriched with a Linguistic Sense

567. Berglund Magnus, Mogren Claes.: Mobile video calls in public safety

568. Sudhakar Mundlamuri.: Managing the Impact of Requirements Volatility

569. Nyberg Thomas.: Autonomous Learning of Behavioural Mappings in Robotics using Association Rules

570. Häggström Josefin.: Optimization Methods to Solve Structured Total Least Squares (STLS)



571. Piotrowski Rafal.: Natural language interface to legal databases

572. Sejdhage Johan.: Designing and Implementing a Java-based GUI for Automatic Generation of MATLAB Gateway Functions of Numerical Subroutines

573. Tinglev Jens.: Vision and delimitations – Security and convergence in voice IP

574. Wenhui Fan, Wei Ren.: Shortcut Agent – A software enabling activity – centered window management

575. Strand Daniel.: Controlling a Robot using Association Rules with a Temporal Component

576. Lindström Henrik.: Tekniska lösningar för taktisk broadcast

577. Lång Andreas, Andersson Carine.: Development of communication interface and GUI for Minec 3X

578. Siddiqui, Arsalan.: 2D LADAR based localization Researching for best applicable methodology

579. Kollu Koteswar Rao.: Evaluating The PLUSS Domain Modeling Approach by Modeling the Arcade Game Maker Product Line

580. Ekengrantz Stefan.: Design and implementation of an Intranet

581. Königsson Joakim.: Facial Animation

582. Ginjupalli Pradeep.: Study on Internet Delays

583. Jonsson David.: Visualization of CAD Models

584. Carlsson Samuel.: Point cloud reconstruction from image sequences – Calibrated versus uncalibrated

     585. Söderman Gunnar.: Trusted Computing ur datasäkerhetssynpunkt

    586. Sillén Magnus, Nordlund Jan.: Real-time audio streaming in a mobile environment using J2ME       

*587. Bokad

588. Holmström Tor-Björn.: A Survey and Evaluation of Features for the Diagnosis of Malignant Melanoma.

589. Oknelid Jens.: Inter-agent cooperation and betrayal: Two approaches to decision making in a reality TV show

590. Elverkemper Timo.: A Project Management Web Application based on JavaServer Faces and Hibernate

591. Eurenius Anders.: Experiment platform for packet scheduling in wireless networks

592. Sandström Urban.: Design and implementation of an obstacle detection subsystem in an autonomous off-road vehicle

593. Skönevik Johan.: Distansmonitorering av Hjärt- och lungljud över Internet

594. Sarker Muktamye.: An overview of Object Oriented Design Metrics

595. Lagriffoul Fabien.: Localisation through Supervised Learning

596. Jonsson Marcus.: Volume rendering

597. Johansson Jan.: A selection of requirements questions and metrics, to very small organizations

598. Bucht Johan.: A Multiprocessor Friendly Memory Allocator

599. Holmlund Olov.: Voice Quality Measurement over Bluetooth

600. Ingvarsson Stina, Ponga Sara.: Using Model Driven Architecture to Achieve Product Life Cycle Support – A practical and theoretical study

601. Tuomas Fredrik.: Att utveckla en Portlet enligt JSR-169

602. Anundi Andreas, Holm Anders.: Creating and Evaluating a Framework for HCI-aspects of Design in Use Case Driven Systems Development at Land Systems Hägglunds

603. Stenlund Patrik.: The Design and Implementation of a DICOM Access Control Server

604. Lindroth Andreas.: Utveckling av fläktvalsprogram för Fumex AB

605. Fossum Karin.: Evaluation and Further Development of a Fire Control and Information GUI

606. Kibria Shafkat.: Speech Recognition for Robotic Control

607. Forsmark Mårten.: Evaluating Natural Languages Access to Relational Databases

608. Andersson Håkan .: Utvärdering av realtidsoperativsystem för motorstyrning

609. Ratajczak Lukasz.: Integrating the speech recognition system SPHINX with the STEP system

610. Lundmark Daniel.: The Design and Implementation of a Fault-Tolerant Media Ingest System

611. Tariq Shoaib.: MAC Algorithms in Wireless Network Applications, Issues and Comparisons


*) Uppsatserna är ännu ej upptryckta

































































Uppsatserna finns för utlåning till studenter som läser datavetenskap vid Umeå universitet - kontakta Anne-Lie Persson eller Yvonne Löwstedt
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