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#P-completeness, gif
0/1 knapsack problem
2/3 tree
3-SAT, gif
k-optimal tours
tex2html_wrap_inline25452 metric
tex2html_wrap_inline31010 -moves
above-below test, gif
abstract data types
abstract graph type
academic institutions - licensing
acceptance-rejection method
Ackerman function
acyclic subgraph
adaptive compression algorithms
Adaptive Simulated Annealing (ASA)
address book, TCS
adjacency list, gif
adjacency matrix, gif
adjacent swaps
advice - caveat
aesthetically pleasing drawings
aggregate range queries
Aho-Corasick algorithm
airline distance metric
airline scheduling, gif
Algorist Technologies
algorithm animation
algorithm design
algorithmic resources
aligning DNA sequences
alignment costs
all-pairs shortest path, gif, gif
alpha-beta pruning, gif
amortized analysis
analog channel
angle bisector
animation - motion planning
animation - sorting
animation - systems
annotated bibliography
approximate nearest neighbor search, gif
approximate string matching, gif, gif, gif
approximate string matching - related problems, gif
approximate substring matching
approximation algorithms, gif
approximation scheme, gif
Arbitrary-Precision Arithmetic
arbitrary-precision arithmetic - geometry
arbitrary-precision arithmetic - related problems
architectural models
area computations - applications
area computations - triangles
area minimization
arm, robot
around the world game
Arrange, gif
arrangement, gif, gif
arrangement of objects
arrangements of lines
array searching
art gallery problems
articulation vertex, gif
artists steal
aspect ratio
assembly language, gif
assignment problem
associative operation
asymmetric longest path problem
asymmetric TSPs, gif
asymptotic analysis
atom smashing
attitude of the algorithm designer
attribute - graph
augmenting path
augmenting path methods
authentication protocol
average-case analysis
average-case complexity
AVL tree
Avogadro's number
axis-oriented rectangles, gif
axis-parallel planes
B-tree, gif, gif, gif
backtracking, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif
backtracking - animations
backtracking - applications, gif
backtracking - bandwidth problem
balanced search tree, gif, gif
banded systems, gif
bandersnatch problem
bandwidth, gif
bandwidth - matrix
Bandwidth Reduction
bandwidth reduction - backtracking
bandwidth reduction - related problems
bar codes
base - arithmetic
base - conversion
base of logarithm
Bellman-Ford algorithm, gif
Berge's theorem
best-case complexity
Bible - searching the
bibliographic databases
biconnected components
biconnected graphs, gif, gif
big Oh notation
binary heap
binary representation - subsets
binary search, gif, gif
binary search - applications, gif
binary search - one-sided, gif
binary search tree, gif, gif, gif
binary search tree - applications
binary search tree - computational experience
Bin Packing
bin packing - applications, gif
bin packing - knapsack problem
bin packing - related problems, gif
bipartite graph
bipartite graph recognition
bipartite incidence structures
bipartite matching, gif, gif, gif
bipartite matching - applications, gif
bit-mapped images
bit representation of graphs
bit vector, gif, gif, gif
bit vector - applications, gif
blind man's algorithm
block - set partition
board evaluation function
Boolean logic minimization, gif
Boolean matrix multiplication
Boruvka's algorithm
boss's delight
bounded height priority queue
bounding boxes
Boyer-Moore algorithm
branch-and-bound search, gif, gif
breadth-first search, gif, gif, gif
breadth-first search - applications
bridges of Königsberg
Brook's theorem
Brooks, Mel
brush fire
brute-force search
bubblesort, gif
bucketing techniques, gif, gif
bucketing techniques - graphics
bucket sort
budget, fixed
built-in random number generator
buying fixed lots
C++, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif
C++ templates
Caesar shifts
calculator, arithmetic
Calendrical Calculations
call graph, gif
canonically-labeled graphs
canonical order, gif, gif
Carmichael numbers
cars and tanks
casino analysis
casino poker
catalog WWW site
Catch-22 situation
CD-ROM, gif, gif, gif
center vertex, gif, gif
chain of matrices
chessboard coverage
chess program, gif
Chinese calendar
Chinese postman problem
Chinese remainder theorem
Christofides heuristic
chromatic index
chromatic number
chromatic polynomials
circuit analysis
circuit board assembly
circuit board placement - simulated annealing
circuit layout
circuit schematic diagrams
circuit testing
circular embeddings
C language, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif
classification - nearest-neighbor
classifiers - neural networks
clique - applications, gif
clique - definition
clique - hardness proof
clique - related problems
closest pair heuristic
closest pair problem, gif
closest point
clothing - manufacturing
cloudy days
clustered access
cluster identification, gif, gif
clustering, gif, gif
coding theory
cofactor method
coin flip
collapsing dense subgraphs
Collected Algorithms of the ACM, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif
coloring graphs
color interchange
combinatorial generation algorithms
combinatorial geometry
combinatorial problems, gif
Combinatorica, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif
Commentz-Walter algorithm
commercial implementations
committee - congressional
Common Lisp
common substrings
communication in circuits
communications networks, gif
comparisons - minimizing
compiler construction
compiler optimization, gif
compiler optimization - performance
complement graph
completion time - minimum
complexity classes
composite integer
compress, gif
compression - image
computational biology
computational complexity
computational geometry
computational number theory, gif
computer algebra system, gif
computer chess
computer graphics
computer graphics - applications, gif
computer graphics - rendering
computer vision
concatenation - string
concavity elimination
configuration space
conjugate gradient methods
conjunctive normal form (CNF)
connected components, gif, gif, gif
connected components - related problems, gif
connected graph
connectivity, gif, gif
consensus sequences
consistent schedule
Constrained and Unconstrained Optimization
constrained and unconstrained optimization - related problems
constrained Delaunay triangulation
constrained optimization
constrained optimization - related problems
constraint elimination
constraint satisfaction
consulting services, gif
container, gif
context-free grammars
Contig Assembly Program
control systems - minimization
convex decomposition, gif
convex hull, gif
Convex Hull
convex hull - related problems, gif
convex polygons
convex polygons - intersection
convex region
convolution - polygon
convolution - sequences
cooling schedules
coordinate transformations
coplanar points
copying a graph
corporate ladder
correctness - algorithm
correlation function
counterexample construction
counting edges and vertices
counting Eulerian cycles
counting integer partitions
counting linear extensions
counting matchings
counting paths, gif
counting spanning trees
courses, lecture notes
covering polygons with convex pieces
covering set elements
Cramer's rule
critical path method
crossing number
cryptography - keys
cryptography - related problems, gif, gif
cubic regions
currency speculation
curve fitting
Cuthill-McKee algorithm
cut set, gif
cutting plane methods, gif
cutting stock problem
cycle - shortest
cycle breaking
cycle detection, gif
cycle length
cycle notation
cycle structure of permutations
cyclic-redundancy check (CRC)
DAG - longest path in
DAG - shortest path in
data abstraction
database algorithms
database application
database query optimization
data compression
Data Encryption Standard
data filtering
data records
data structures, gif
data structures - animations
data transmission
data validation
Davenport-Schintzl sequences, gif, gif
Davis-Putnam procedure, gif
day of the week calculation
de Bruijn sequence, gif
debugging graph algorithms
debugging parallel programs
debugging randomized algorithms
debugging time
debugging tools
decimal arithmetic
decompose space
decomposing polygons
Deep Blue
degeneracy testing
degenerate configuration
degenerate system of equations
degree, vertex, gif
degree sequence
degrees of freedom
Delaunay triangulation, gif, gif
Delaunay triangulation - applications
deletion from binary search tree
deletions - text
deliveries and pickups
delivery routing
Democrat/Republican identification
De Morgan's laws
dense graphs, gif, gif
densest sphere packing
dense subgraph
depth-first search, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif
depth-first search - applications, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif
depth-first search - backtracking
derivatives - automata
derivatives - calculus
design process
design rule checking
determinant - related problems
Determinants and Permanents
deterministic finite automata
diameter of a graph
diameter of a point set
dictionaries - related problems, gif
dictionary, gif, gif
dictionary - applications
dictionary - related problems
dictionary - searching
diff - how it works
digital geometry
digital signatures
Dijkstra's algorithm, gif, gif
DIMACS, gif, gif
DIMACS Challenge data
DIMACS Implementation Challenge, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif
Dinic's algorithm
directed acyclic graph, gif, gif, gif
directed cycle
directed graph
directed graphs - automata
directory file structures
discrete event simulation, gif
Discrete Fourier Transform, gif
discrete mathematics software
discussion section
disjoint paths
disjoint set union
disjoint subsets
disjunctive networks
disjunctive normal form, gif
disk access
disk drives, gif
dispatching emergency vehicles, gif
dispersion problems
distance graph
distance metrics
distinguishable elements
distributed computation
distribution sort, gif
divide and conquer, gif, gif, gif, gif
division, gif
DNA sequence comparisons
DNA sequencing, gif, gif
dominance orderings, gif
DOS file names
double-precision arithmetic, gif, gif
Douglas-Plucker algorithm
drawing graphs - related problems
Drawing Graphs Nicely
drawing puzzles
Drawing Trees
drawing trees - related problems, gif
driving time minimization
drug discovery
dual graph, gif
duality, gif
duality transformations
duplicate elimination
duplicate elimination - graphs
duplicate elimination - permutations
duplicate keys
dynamic convex hulls
dynamic data structures, gif
dynamic graph algorithms
dynamic Huffman codes
dynamic programming, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif
dynamic programming - applications, gif, gif
dynamic programming - initialization
dynamic programming - shortest paths
dynamic programming - space efficiency
eccentricity of a graph
economics - applications to
edge/vertex connectivity - related problems, gif, gif
Edge and Vertex Connectivity
edge chromatic number
edge coloring, gif
edge coloring - applications
edge coloring - related problems, gif
edge cover, gif, gif
edge disjoint paths
edge flipping operation
edge labeled graphs
edge length
edge tour
edit distance, gif
Edmond's algorithm
efficiency of algorithms
eight-queens problem
electrical engineers
electronic circuit analysis
electronic circuits
Electronic Frontier Foundation
element uniqueness problem, gif
elimination ordering
ellipsoid algorithm
elliptic-curve method
embeddings - planar
Emde Boas priority queue
empirical results, gif, gif
empirical results - heuristics
empirical results - how to do
empirical results - string matching
employees to jobs - matching
empty circle - largest
empty rectangle
enclosing boxes
enclosing disk
enclosing rectangle
energy function
energy minimization, gif
English language, gif
English to French
enumeration of spanning trees
equilateral triangle
equivalence classes
equivalence classes - automata states
Erdős-Gallai conditions
estimating closure sizes
ethnic groups in Congress
Euclid's algorithm
Euclidean minimum spanning tree
Euclidean traveling salesman
Euler's formula
Eulerian cycle - applications
Eulerian cycle - line graphs
Eulerian cycle - related problems, gif
Eulerian Cycle / Chinese Postman
Eulerian path
evaluation function
even-degree vertices
even-length cycles
event queue
evolutionary tree
exact cover problem
exact string matching
exam scheduling
exercises, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif
exhaustive search, gif
exhaustive search - application
exhaustive search - empirical results
exhaustive search - subsets
expanded obstacles approach
expander graphs
expected-time, linear
experimental analysis - set cover
experimental graph theory
exponential-time algorithms, gif
exponential distribution
exponentiation, gif
export restrictions
external-memory sorting, gif
external memory
facility location, gif, gif
Factoring and Primality Testing
factoring and primality testing - related problems
factoring integers - related problems
factory location
family tree, gif
fan out minimization for networks
FAQ file, gif, gif, gif
farthest point Voronoi diagrams
Fary's theorem
faster computers
fast Fourier transform
fat cells
fattening polygons
feature sets
Federal Sentencing Guidelines
feedback edge set
Feedback Edge/Vertex Set
feedback edge/vertex set - related problems
Fermat's theorem
Ferrer's diagram
FFT, gif
Fibonacci heap, gif, gif, gif
Fibonacci numbers
file difference comparison
file directory trees
file layout
filtering outlying elements
filtering signals
final examination
financial constraints
find operation
finite automata
finite automata minimization
finite element analysis
Finite State Machine Minimization
FIRE Engine
first-fit - decreasing
first in, first out
fixed degree sequence graphs
flat-earth model
Fleury's algorithm
flight crew scheduling
floating-point arithmetic
Floyd's algorithm, gif, gif, gif
football program
football scheduling
Fortran, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif
Fortune's algorithm
four-color problem, gif
Fourier transform - applications
Fourier transform - multiplication
Fourier transform - related problems
four Russians algorithm, gif, gif
fragment ordering
fraud - tax
freedom to hang yourself
free space
free trees
frequency distribution
frequency domain
friend-or-foe identification
friendship graph, gif
ftp - instructions
function interpolation
furniture moving
furthest-point insertion heuristic
furthest-site diagrams
furthest-site Voronoi vertices
future events
game-tree search
game-tree search - parallel
games directory
GAMS, gif
gaps between primes
garbage trucks
Garey and Johnson
Gates, William
Gaussian distribution, gif
Gaussian elimination, gif
Genbank searching
Generating Graphs
Generating Partitions
generating partitions - related problems, gif, gif, gif
Generating Permutations
generating permutations - related problems, gif, gif, gif, gif
Generating Subsets
generating subsets - applications
generating subsets - related problems, gif, gif, gif
genetic algorithms, gif, gif, gif
geographic information systems
geom.bib, gif
geometric algorithms - animations
geometric data structure
geometric degeneracy
geometric graphs
geometric primitives - related problems
geometric shortest path, gif
geometric spanning tree
geometric Steiner tree
geometric traveling salesman problem
geometric TSP
Gettysburg Address
Gibbs-Poole-Stockmeyer algorithm
gift-wrapping algorithm
Gilbert and Pollak conjecture
Gingrich, Newt
girth, gif
global optimization
Graffiti - graphs of, gif
Graham scan
graph algorithms, gif
graph algorithms - animations
graph algorithms - bandwidth problem
GraphBase, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif
graph complement
graph data structures, gif
graph data structures - applications
graph data structures - LEDA, gif
graph density
graph drawings - clutter
GraphEd, gif, gif, gif
graph embedding
graphical enumeration
graphic partitions
Graphics Gems
graphics plotter
graph isomorphism, gif, gif
graph isomorphism - related problems, gif
graph partition, gif
Graph Partition
graph partition - related problems, gif, gif
graph products
graph theory
graph theory packages
graph traversal
Gray code, gif
greatest common divisor
greedy heuristic, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif
greedy heuristic - Huffman codes
greedy heuristic - minimum spanning trees
greedy heuristic - superstrings
Gregorian calendar
grid embeddings
grid file, gif
group - automorphism
growth rates
guarantees - importance of
guarding art galleries
Guide to Available Mathematical Software
gzip, gif
had-sex-with graph, gif
half-space intersection
Hamiltionian cycle - hypercube
Hamiltonian cycle, gif, gif, gif
Hamiltonian Cycle
Hamiltonian cycle - applications
Hamiltonian cycle - counting
Hamiltonian cycle - hardness proof
Hamiltonian cycle - line graphs
Hamiltonian cycle - related problems, gif
Hamiltonian path
Hamiltonian path - applications
Hamming distance
hardness of approximation
hardware arithmetic
hardware design applications
hardware implementation
hash function
hash tables
hash tables - computational experience
hash tables - size
Hausdorff distance
heapsort, gif, gif, gif
heard-of graph
heart-lung machine
heating ducts
Hebrew calendar
Hertel-Mehlhorn heuristic
heuristics, gif, gif
heuristics - empirical results
hidden-surface elimination, gif
hierarchical decomposition, gif
hierarchical drawings
hierarchical graph structures, gif
high-precision arithmetic - need for
high-precision arithmetic - related problems, gif
higher-dimensional data structures
higher-dimensional geometry, gif, gif
high school algebra
high school cliques
hill climbing
historical objects
history, gif
history - cryptography
history - graph theory
hitting set
HIV virus
Horner's rule, gif
How to Solve It
hub site
Huffman codes
Human Genome Initiative
Hungarian algorithm
hypercube, gif
hypergraph, gif, gif
hyperlinks, WWW
hypertext layout
identical graphs
IEEE Data Compression Conference
image compression, gif, gif, gif
image data
image features
image filtering
image processing
image segmentation
image simplification
implementation challenge, DIMACS, gif
implementation challenges, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif
implementation complexity
implementations, caveats
implementation wanted
implicit binary tree
impress your friends algorithms
in-circle test
incidence matrices
inconsistent linear equations
increasing subsequences
incremental algorithms
incremental change methods
incremental insertion algorithm
incremental insertion algorithms - arrangements
incremental insertion algorithms - coloring
incremental insertion algorithms - graph drawing
incremental insertion algorithms - sorting
incremental insertion algorithms - suffix trees
incremental insertion algorithms - TSP
independent set, gif
independent set - alternate formulations
independent set - hardness proof
independent set - related problems, gif, gif, gif
independent set - simulated annealing
index - how to use
induced subgraph, gif
induced subgraph isomorphism
induction for algorithm design
inequivalence of programs with assignments
information retrieval
information theory
input/output graphics
insertion into binary search tree
insertions - text
insertion sort, gif, gif, gif
inside/outside polygon
instance - definition
instance generator
integer arithmetic
integer factorization, gif
integer partition, gif, gif, gif
integer programming
integer programming - applications, gif
Integer programming - hardness proof
integer programming - related problems
integrality constraints
interfering tasks
interior-point methods
Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
Internet, gif, gif
interpolation search
intersection - halfspaces
intersection - set
Intersection Detection
intersection detection - applications
intersection detection - related problems, gif
intersection point
interview scheduling
invariant - graph
inverse Ackerman function
inverse Fourier transform
inverse matrix, gif
inverse operations
Islamic calendar
isolated vertex
isomorphism - graph
iterative methods - linear systems
jigsaw puzzle
job-shop scheduling
job matching
Job Scheduling
Journal of Algorithms
JPEG, gif
Julian calendar
k-subset - applications
Karatsuba's algorithm
Karazanov's algorithm
Karmarkar's algorithm
Karp-Rabin algorithm
Kd-Trees, gif
kd-trees - applications
kd-trees - related problems, gif, gif
Kepler conjecture
Kernighan-Lin heuristic, gif
key length, gif
key search
Kirchhoff's laws
knapsack problem
Knapsack Problem
knapsack problem - applications
knapsack problem - related problems
knight's tour problem
Knuth-Morris-Pratt algorithm
Kolmogorov complexity
Kruskal's algorithm, gif, gif, gif, gif
kth-order Voronoi diagrams
kth-shortest path
Kuratowski's theorem
labeled graphs, gif
labeling maps
label placement
language pattern matching
large graphs - representation
largest element
last in, first out
layered printed circuit boards
Lazy adjacency matrix
LCA - least common ancestor
leap year
least-squares curve fitting
least common ancestor
leaves - tree
LEDA, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif
left-right test
left-to-right ordering
Lempel-Ziv algorithms, gif
Lenstra's elliptic curve method
lexicographic order, gif, gif, gif
licensing arrangements
lifting-map construction
line-point duality
linear-time graph algorithms
linear algebra, gif
linear congruential generator
linear constraint satisfaction
linear extension
linear interpolation search
linear partitioning
linear programming
Linear Programming
linear programming - models
linear programming - related problems, gif
linear programming - relaxation
linear programming - special cases
line arrangements
line graph, gif
line intersection, gif
line segment intersection
line segment Voronoi diagram
LINK, gif
link distance, gif
linked lists vs. arrays, gif
LINPACK, gif, gif
list searching
literate program
locality of reference, gif
local optima
logarithms, gif
logic minimization
logic problems
logic programming
long division
longest common prefix
longest common substring, gif
longest common substring - related problems, gif
longest cycle, gif
longest increasing subsequence, gif
longest path, gif
longest path - DAG
long keys
loop, gif
lossless encodings
lossy encodings
lottery problems
Lotto problem
low-degree spanning tree, gif
low-dimensional linear programming
lower bound, gif, gif, gif
lower bound - range searching
lower bound - sorting
lower triangular matrix
LU-decomposition, gif
lunar calendar
LZW algorithm, gif
machine-independent random number generator
machine clock
magnetic tape
mail routing
maintaining arrangements - related problems, gif
Maintaining Line Arrangements
manufacturing applications, gif
map labeling
map making
marriage problems
MAT, gif
matching, gif
matching - applications
matching - dual to
matching - number of perfect
matching - related problems, gif, gif, gif, gif
matching shapes
Mathematica, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif
mathematical notation
mathematical programming, gif
mathematical software - netlib
matrix-tree theorem
matrix bandwidth
matrix compression
matrix inversion, gif
matrix multiplication
Matrix Multiplication
matrix multiplication - applications
matrix multiplication - related problems
max-flow, min-cut theorem
maximal clique
maximal matching
maximum-cardinality matchings
maximum acyclic subgraph
maximum cut - simulated annealing
maze, gif
McDonald's restaurants
Mechanical computers
mechanical truss analysis
medial-axis transform, gif
Medial-Axis Transformation
median - application
Median and Selection
medical residents to hospitals - matching
memory accesses
Menger's theorem
mergesort, gif, gif, gif
merging subsets
merging tapes
mesh generation, gif
Metropolis algorithm
middle square method
millennium bug
Miller-Rabin algorithm
minimax search
minimizing automata
minimum-change order
minimum change order - subsets
minimum cut
minimum equivalent digraph
minimum spanning tree, gif, gif, gif, gif
Minimum Spanning Tree
minimum spanning tree - applications, gif
minimum spanning tree - drawing
minimum spanning tree - related problems, gif, gif
minimum weight triangulation
Minkowski metric
Minkowski sum, gif
Minkowski sum - applications
Minkowski sum - related problems, gif
MIX assembly language
mixed-integer programming
mixed graphs
mode, gif
modeling algorithm problems
modeling graph problems
models of computation
modular arithmetic
molecular docking
molecular sequence data
Mona Lisa, gif
monotone decomposition
monotone polygons
Monte Carlo techniques, gif
month and year
motion planning
Motion Planning
motion planning - related problems, gif, gif
motion planning - shape simplification
mountain climbing
move to front rule, gif
moving furniture
MPEG, gif
multicommodity flow
multiple knapsacks
multiple precision arithmetic
multiple sequence alignment
multiplication, gif
multiplication, matrix
multiplication algorithms
multiset, gif
musical scales
name variations, recognizing
naming concepts
national debt
National Football League (NFL)
National Security Agency (NSA)
nauty, gif
NC - Nick's class
nearest-neighbor heuristic
nearest neighbor - related problems
nearest neighbor graph, gif
nearest neighbor search, gif, gif
nearest neighbor search - related problems, gif
negative-cost cycle
negative cost edges
NEOS, gif
Netlib, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif
Network-Enabled Optimization System
network design, gif, gif
network design - minimum spanning tree
network flow, gif
Network Flow
network flow - applications, gif
network flow - related problems, gif, gif, gif, gif
network reliability, gif
neural networks
neural networks - classification
neural networks - coloring, gif
next subset
Nobel Prize, gif
noisy channels
noisy images, gif
nonapproximability results
noncrossing drawing
nondeterministic automata
nonEuclidean distance metrics
nonnumerical problems
nonorthogonal kd-tree
nonself intersecting polygons
nonuniform access
normal distribution
notorious NP-complete problem
NP, gif
NP-completeness - definition of
NP-completeness - proving
NP-completeness - theory of
NP-complete problem, gif, gif, gif
NP-complete problem - bandwidth
NP-complete problem - crossing number
NP-complete problem - NFA minimization
NP-complete problem - satisfiability
NP-complete problem - set packing
NP-complete problem - superstrings
NP-complete problem - tetrahedralization
NP-complete problem - tree drawing
NP-complete problem - trie minimization
NP-hard problems
nuclear fission
number field sieve
number theory, gif
numerical analysis
numerical precision
Numerical Recipes, gif
numerical root finding
numerical stability, gif
objective function
obstacle-filled rooms
odd-degree vertices
odd-length cycles, gif
off-line problem
oligonucleotide arrays
on-line algorithm resources
on-line problem
one-sided binary search, gif
OpenGL graphics library
operations research, gif
optical character recognition, gif, gif, gif
optical character recognition - system testing
optimal binary search trees
optimization problems
ordered set
ordering, gif
order statistics
organic graphs
organ transplant
orthogonal planes
orthogonal polyline drawings
orthogonal range query, gif
outerplanar graphs
outlying elements
output-sensitive algorithms
overdetermined linear systems
overlap graph
overpasses - highway
Oxford English Dictionary
packaging applications
packing vs. covering
paging, gif
pairing heap, gif
paradigms of algorithms design
parallel algorithms, gif
parallel algorithms - graphs
parallel algorithms - visualization
parallel lines
parallel processor scheduling
paranoia level
PARI, gif
parse trees
partial key search
partial order, gif
partitioning automata states
partitioning point sets
partitioning polygons into convex pieces
partitioning problems
partition problem
party affiliations
Pascal, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif
password, gif
patented algorithms
path generation - backtracking
path planning
paths - counting, gif
Patricia trie
pattern matching, gif, gif, gif
pattern recognition, gif
pattern recognition - automata
Pat tree
penalty functions
perfect hashing
perfect matching
performance bottlenecks
performance guarantee
performance in practice
permutation, gif
permutation comparisons
permutation generation
permutation generation - backtracking
perpendicular bisector
personality conflicts - avoiding
Petersen graph
PGP, gif, gif
phone company
phylogenic tree, gif
piano mover's problem
Picasso, P., gif
pieces of a graph
pink panther
pivoting rules, gif
pixel geometry, gif
planar drawings, gif
planar drawings - related problems
planar graph, gif
planar graph - clique
planar graph - coloring
planar graph - instances
planar graph - isomorphism
Planarity Detection and Embedding
planarity testing - related problems
planar separators
planar subdivisions
planar sweep algorithms
point-spread function
point distributions
pointer manipulation
point in polygon
point location, gif
point location - related problems, gif, gif, gif
point robots
point set clusters
Poisson distribution
polygonal data structure
Polygon Partitioning
polygon partitioning - related problems
polygon triangulation
polyhedral simplification
polyline graph drawings
polynomial-time approximation scheme
polynomial-time problems
polynomial evaluation
polynomial multiplication
poor thin people
popular keys
porting code
position tree
potential function
power diagrams
power set
powers of graphs
Prüfer codes, gif
precedence-constrainted scheduling
precedence constraints, gif
preemptive scheduling
prefix - string
preflow-push methods
preprocessing - graph algorithms
presortedness measures
Pretty Good Privacy
previous subset
Prim's algorithm, gif
primality testing, gif
prime number
prime number theorem
principle of optimality
printed circuit boards, gif
printing a graph
priority queues, gif
priority queues - applications, gif, gif, gif, gif
priority queues - arithmetic model
priority queues - related problems
problem - definition
problem-specific algorithms
problem descriptions
problem instance
problem solving techniques, gif
procedure call overhead
producer/consumer sectors
profit maximization
Program Evaluation and Review Technique
program libraries
programming languages
programming time, gif
program structure
proof of correctness
propagating consequences
propositional logic
pruning - backtracking, gif, gif
pseudorandom numbers
psychic lotto prediction
public key cryptography, gif, gif
Qhull, gif, gif, gif
quadratic-sieve method
quadratic programming
quality triangulations
queue, gif
queue - applications
quicksort, gif, gif, gif
quicksort - applications
radial embeddings
radio stations
radius of a graph
radix sort, gif
RAM model of computation
Random Access Machine (RAM)
random generation - testing
random graph theory, gif
random graphs - generation
randomized algorithms, gif, gif, gif, gif
randomized data structures
randomized incremental algorithms, gif, gif, gif
randomized quicksort
randomized search - applications
random number generation, gif, gif
random number generation - related problems
random permutations, gif
random perturbations
random sampling - applications
random search tree
random subset
Ranger, gif, gif
range search, gif, gif
range search - related problems, gif
ranked embedding
ranking and unranking operations, gif, gif
ranking combinatorial objects
ranking permutations
ranking subsets
rasterized images
rational arithmetic
ray shooting
reachability problems
recommendations, caveat
rectilinear Steiner tree
recurrence relations
recurrence relations - evaluation
recursion - applications
red-black tree
reduction, gif
reduction - direction of
reflex vertices
region of influence
regions formed by lines
register allocation
regular expressions, gif
reliability, network
repeated vertices
representative selection
Republican sex offenders
resource allocation, gif
resources - algorithm
restricted growth function
retrieval, gif
reverse-search algorithms
Right Stuff, The
riots ensuing
road network, gif, gif
robot assembly, gif
robot motion planning, gif, gif
robust geometric computations
Robust Geometric Primitives
Roget's Thesaurus, gif
rooted tree, gif
root finding algorithms, gif, gif
rotating-calipers method
rotation - polygon
roulette wheels
round-off error
round-off errors
RSA algorithm, gif, gif
rules of algorithm design
run-length coding
s-t connectivity
safe cracker sequence
satisfiability, gif
satisfiability - related problems, gif
satisfying constraints
scaling, gif
scanner, OCR
scattered subsequences
scene interpolation
scheduling, gif
scheduling - precedence constraints
scheduling - related problems, gif, gif
scheduling problems
Scheme, gif
schoolhouse method
scientific computing, gif, gif
searching - related problems, gif
search space
search time minimization - magnetic media
search tree, gif
secondary key
secondary storage devices
secure hashing function
security, gif
segmentation, gif
segment intersection
selection, gif, gif
selection - subsets
selection sort, gif
self-intersecting polygons
self-organizing list, gif
self-organizing tree, gif
self-study textbook
semi-exhaustive greedy algorithm
semidefinite programming
sentence structure
separation problems
separator theorems
sequencing by hybridization
sequencing permutations
sequential search, gif
set algorithms
Set Cover, gif, gif
set cover - applications
set cover - exact
set cover - related problems, gif, gif, gif
Set Data Structures, gif
set data structures - applications
set data structures - related problems
Set Packing, gif
set packing - related problems, gif
set partition, gif
sex offenders, Republican
shape of a point set
shape representation
Shape Similarity
shape simplification
shape simplification - applications, gif
shellsort, gif
shift-register sequences
shipping applications
shipping problems
Shortest Common Superstring
shortest common superstring - related problems, gif
shortest cycle
shortest path, gif, gif, gif
Shortest Path
shortest path - applications, gif
shortest path - definition
shortest path - geometric, gif
shortest path - related problems, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif
shortest path matrix
shotgun sequencing
sieving devices - mechanical
sign - determinant
sign - permutation
signal processing
signal propagation minimization
Sim++, gif
SimPack, gif
simple cycle
simple graph
simple polygon - construction
simple polygons
simplex method
simplicial complex
simplicity testing
simplification envelopes
Simplifying Polygons
simplifying polygons - related problems
simulated annealing, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif
simulated annealing - satisfiability
simulated annealing - theory
simulations - accuracy
sin, state of
sine functions
single-precision numbers, gif
single-source shortest path
singular matrix, gif
sinks - multiple
sink vertex
size of graph
skeleton, gif
skewed distribution
Skiena, Len, gif
skinny triangles
skip list
slab method
slack variables
small edge weights
smallest element
smallest enclosing circle problem
Smith Society
smoothing, gif
snow plows
soap films
software engineering
software tools
solar year
Solving Linear Equations
solving linear equations - related problems, gif, gif
sorted array, gif
sorted linked list, gif
sorting, gif, gif
sorting - applications
sorting - animations
sorting - applications, gif
sorting - cost of
sorting - rationales for
sorting - related problems, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif
sorting - strings
sound-alike strings
Soundex, gif
sources - multiple
source vertex
space-efficient encodings
space decomposition
space minimization - digraphs
space minimization - string matching
spanning tree
sparse graph, gif, gif
sparse matrices
sparse matrices - compression
sparse subset
sparse systems
spatial data structure
special-purpose hardware
speech recognition
speedup - parallel
spelling correction, gif, gif
sphere packing
Spinout puzzle
spiral polygon
splay tree, gif
splicing cycles
split-and-merge algorithm
spreadsheet updates
spring embedding heuristics, gif
square of a graph, gif
square root of a graph
square roots
stable marriages, gif
stable sorting
stack, gif
stack - applications
stack size
standard form
Stanford GraphBase, gif, gif, gif
star-shaped polygon decomposition
state elimination, automata
static tables
statistical significance
steepest descent methods
Steiner points
Steiner ratio
Steiner Tree
Steiner tree - related problems
Steiner vertices
stock exchange
stock picking
Stony Brook Algorithm Repository
Stony Brook class projects, gif
straight-line graph drawings, gif
Strassen's algorithm, gif, gif, gif, gif
strength of a graph
string algorithms
string algorithms - animations
string data structures, gif, gif
String Matching, gif
string matching - related problems, gif, gif, gif
string overlaps
strings - combinatorial
strings - generating
strongly-connected graphs
strongly connected components
strongly connected graphs, gif
Stuttgart Neural Network Simulator
subgraph isomorphism
subgraph isomorphism - applications
subroutine call overhead, gif
subset generation
subset generation - backtracking
subset sum problem
substitution cipher
substitutions, text
substring matching, gif
suffix array
suffix trees, gif, gif
suffix trees - applications, gif
suffix trees - computational experience
suffix trees - related problems, gif
Suffix Trees and Arrays
sunny days
superstrings - shortest common
surface interpolation
surface structures
swap elements
sweepline algorithms, gif, gif
symbolic computation
symbolic set representation
Symbol Technologies
symmetric difference
symmetry detection
symmetry removal
tabu search
tail recursion
take home lessons
tape drive
tax fraud
technical skills
telephone books, gif, gif
telephone dialing
terrorist, gif
test data
testing planarity
test pilots
textbooks, gif
text compression, gif
Text Compression
text compression - related problems, gif, gif
text data structures, gif
text processing algorithms
text searching with errors
thinning - applications
thinning - related problems, gif
tight bound
time-series analysis
time slot scheduling
Toeplitz matrices
tool path optimization
topological sorting, gif
topological sorting - applications, gif
topological sorting - related problems, gif, gif, gif
topological sweep
traffic light scheduling
transition matrix
transitive closure
Transitive Closure and Reduction
transitive reduction
translation - polygon
transmitter power
transportation problems, gif, gif
trapezoidal decomposition
traveling salesman, gif, gif
traveling salesman - applications, gif
traveling salesman - approximation algorithms
traveling salesman - decision problem
traveling salesman - dynamic programming
traveling salesman - related problems, gif, gif
traveling salesman - simulated annealing
Traveling Salesman Problem
tree identification
trees, gif
trees - acyclic graphs
trees - detection
trees - drawings
trees - generation
trees - hard problem in
trees - independent set
trees - matching
trees - partition
trial division
triangle inequality, gif
triangle refinement method
triangle strips, gif
triangulated surfaces
triangulation - applications, gif, gif, gif
triangulation - minimum weight
triangulation - related problems, gif
triconnected components
trie, gif
trigram statistics
turnpike reconstruction problem
twenty questions
unbounded search, gif
unconstrained optimization, gif, gif
unconstrained optimization - related problems
undirected graph
uniform distribution, gif, gif
union, set
union-find data structure
union-find data structure - applications
union of polygons
union of polygons - applications
unit cube
unit sphere
universal set
unknown data structures
unlabeled graphs, gif
unranking combinatorial objects
unranking permutations
unranking subsets
unsorted array
unsorted list
unweighted graphs - spanning trees
upper bound
upper triangular matrix
Vancouver Stock Exchange
Vandermonde matrices
vantage point tree
variable elimination
variable length encodings
vector quantification
vector sums
Vertex Coloring, gif, gif, gif
vertex coloring - applications
vertex coloring - bipartite graphs
vertex coloring - related problems, gif, gif
vertex cover, gif
vertex cover - approximation algorithm
vertex cover - hardness proof, gif
vertex cover - related problems, gif, gif
vertex degree, gif
vertex disjoint paths
video - algorithm animation
video compression, gif
virtual memory, gif, gif
virtual memory - algorithms
virtual memory - performance
virtual reality applications
visibility graphs, gif
Viterbi algorithm
Vizing's theorem, gif
VLSI circuit layout, gif
VLSI design problems
volume computations, gif
von Emde Boas queue
von Neumann, J.
Voronoi diagram
Voronoi Diagrams
Voronoi diagrams - nearest neighbor search
Voronoi diagrams - related problems, gif, gif, gif, gif
Waring's problem, gif
Warshall's algorithm
war story, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif
water pipes
weakly-connected graphs, gif
weighted graphs, applications
Winograd's algorithm
wire length minimization
wiring layout problems
word ladders, gif
worker assignment - scheduling
world's record TSP
worst-case complexity
WWW site
Xerox machines - scheduling
XTango, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif, gif
Young tableaux
zero-knowledge proofs
Zipf's law
zone theorem, gif

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