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Discrete Optimization Algorithms in Pascal


This is a collection of 28 programs for solving discrete optimization problems, appearing in the book by Syslo, Deo, and Kowalik [SDK83]. The package includes programs for integer and linear programming, the knapsack and set cover problems, traveling salesman, vertex coloring, and scheduling as well as standard network optimization problems. They have been made available from the algorithm repository WWW site, tex2html_wrap_inline31285 algorith.

This package is noteworthy for the operations-research flavor of the problems and algorithms selected. The algorithms have been selected to solve problems, as opposed to for purely expository purposes. In [SDK83], a description of each algorithm and extensive set of references for each problem is provided, as well as execution times for each program on several instances on an early 1980s mainframe, an Amdahl 470 V/6.  


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