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DAG - longest path in
DAG - shortest path in
data abstraction
database algorithms
database application
database query optimization
data compression
Data Encryption Standard
data filtering
data records
data structures , gif
data structures - animations
data transmission
data validation
Davenport-Schintzl sequences , gif , gif
Davis-Putnam procedure , gif
day of the week calculation
de Bruijn sequence , gif
debugging graph algorithms
debugging parallel programs
debugging randomized algorithms
debugging time
debugging tools
decimal arithmetic
decompose space
decomposing polygons
Deep Blue
degeneracy testing
degenerate configuration
degenerate system of equations
degree, vertex , gif
degree sequence
degrees of freedom
Delaunay triangulation , gif , gif
Delaunay triangulation - applications
deletion from binary search tree
deletions - text
deliveries and pickups
delivery routing
Democrat/Republican identification
De Morgan's laws
dense graphs , gif , gif
densest sphere packing
dense subgraph
depth-first search , gif , gif , gif , gif , gif , gif , gif , gif
depth-first search - applications , gif , gif , gif , gif , gif
depth-first search - backtracking
derivatives - automata
derivatives - calculus
design process
design rule checking
determinant - related problems
Determinants and Permanents
deterministic finite automata
diameter of a graph
diameter of a point set
dictionaries - related problems , gif
dictionary , gif , gif
dictionary - applications
dictionary - related problems
dictionary - searching
diff - how it works
digital geometry
digital signatures
Dijkstra's algorithm , gif , gif
DIMACS , gif , gif
DIMACS Challenge data
DIMACS Implementation Challenge , gif , gif , gif , gif , gif
Dinic's algorithm
directed acyclic graph , gif , gif , gif
directed cycle
directed graph
directed graphs - automata
directory file structures
discrete event simulation , gif
Discrete Fourier Transform , gif
discrete mathematics software
discussion section
disjoint paths
disjoint set union
disjoint subsets
disjunctive networks
disjunctive normal form , gif
disk access
disk drives , gif
dispatching emergency vehicles , gif
dispersion problems
distance graph
distance metrics
distinguishable elements
distributed computation
distribution sort , gif
divide and conquer , gif , gif , gif , gif
division , gif
DNA sequence comparisons
DNA sequencing , gif , gif
dominance orderings , gif
DOS file names
double-precision arithmetic , gif , gif
Douglas-Plucker algorithm
drawing graphs - related problems
Drawing Graphs Nicely
drawing puzzles
Drawing Trees
drawing trees - related problems , gif
driving time minimization
drug discovery
dual graph , gif
duality , gif
duality transformations
duplicate elimination
duplicate elimination - graphs
duplicate elimination - permutations
duplicate keys
dynamic convex hulls
dynamic data structures , gif
dynamic graph algorithms
dynamic Huffman codes
dynamic programming , gif , gif , gif , gif , gif , gif , gif
dynamic programming - applications , gif , gif
dynamic programming - initialization
dynamic programming - shortest paths
dynamic programming - space efficiency

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