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s-t connectivity
safe cracker sequence
satisfiability , gif
satisfiability - related problems , gif
satisfying constraints
scaling , gif
scanner, OCR
scattered subsequences
scene interpolation
scheduling , gif
scheduling - precedence constraints
scheduling - related problems , gif , gif
scheduling problems
Scheme , gif
schoolhouse method
scientific computing , gif , gif
searching - related problems , gif
search space
search time minimization - magnetic media
search tree , gif
secondary key
secondary storage devices
secure hashing function
security , gif
segmentation , gif
segment intersection
selection , gif , gif
selection - subsets
selection sort , gif
self-intersecting polygons
self-organizing list , gif
self-organizing tree , gif
self-study textbook
semi-exhaustive greedy algorithm
semidefinite programming
sentence structure
separation problems
separator theorems
sequencing by hybridization
sequencing permutations
sequential search , gif
set algorithms
Set Cover , gif , gif
set cover - applications
set cover - exact
set cover - related problems , gif , gif , gif
Set Data Structures , gif
set data structures - applications
set data structures - related problems
Set Packing , gif
set packing - related problems , gif
set partition , gif
sex offenders, Republican
shape of a point set
shape representation
Shape Similarity
shape simplification
shape simplification - applications , gif
shellsort , gif
shift-register sequences
shipping applications
shipping problems
Shortest Common Superstring
shortest common superstring - related problems , gif
shortest cycle
shortest path , gif , gif , gif
Shortest Path
shortest path - applications , gif
shortest path - definition
shortest path - geometric , gif
shortest path - related problems , gif , gif , gif , gif , gif , gif
shortest path matrix
shotgun sequencing
sieving devices - mechanical
sign - determinant
sign - permutation
signal processing
signal propagation minimization
Sim++ , gif
SimPack , gif
simple cycle
simple graph
simple polygon - construction
simple polygons
simplex method
simplicial complex
simplicity testing
simplification envelopes
Simplifying Polygons
simplifying polygons - related problems
simulated annealing , gif , gif , gif , gif , gif , gif , gif , gif , gif , gif , gif
simulated annealing - satisfiability
simulated annealing - theory
simulations - accuracy
sin, state of
sine functions
single-precision numbers , gif
single-source shortest path
singular matrix , gif
sinks - multiple
sink vertex
size of graph
skeleton , gif
skewed distribution
Skiena, Len , gif
skinny triangles
skip list
slab method
slack variables
small edge weights
smallest element
smallest enclosing circle problem
Smith Society
smoothing , gif
snow plows
soap films
software engineering
software tools
solar year
Solving Linear Equations
solving linear equations - related problems , gif , gif
sorted array , gif
sorted linked list , gif
sorting , gif , gif
sorting - applications
sorting - animations
sorting - applications , gif
sorting - cost of
sorting - rationales for
sorting - related problems , gif , gif , gif , gif , gif
sorting - strings
sound-alike strings
Soundex , gif
sources - multiple
source vertex
space-efficient encodings
space decomposition
space minimization - digraphs
space minimization - string matching
spanning tree
sparse graph , gif , gif
sparse matrices
sparse matrices - compression
sparse subset
sparse systems
spatial data structure
special-purpose hardware
speech recognition
speedup - parallel
spelling correction , gif , gif
sphere packing
Spinout puzzle
spiral polygon
splay tree , gif
splicing cycles
split-and-merge algorithm
spreadsheet updates
spring embedding heuristics , gif
square of a graph , gif
square root of a graph
square roots
stable marriages , gif
stable sorting
stack , gif
stack - applications
stack size
standard form
Stanford GraphBase , gif , gif , gif
star-shaped polygon decomposition
state elimination, automata
static tables
statistical significance
steepest descent methods
Steiner points
Steiner ratio
Steiner Tree
Steiner tree - related problems
Steiner vertices
stock exchange
stock picking
Stony Brook Algorithm Repository
Stony Brook class projects , gif
straight-line graph drawings , gif
Strassen's algorithm , gif , gif , gif , gif
strength of a graph
string algorithms
string algorithms - animations
string data structures , gif , gif
String Matching , gif
string matching - related problems , gif , gif , gif
string overlaps
strings - combinatorial
strings - generating
strongly-connected graphs
strongly connected components
strongly connected graphs , gif
Stuttgart Neural Network Simulator
subgraph isomorphism
subgraph isomorphism - applications
subroutine call overhead , gif
subset generation
subset generation - backtracking
subset sum problem
substitution cipher
substitutions, text
substring matching , gif
suffix array
suffix trees , gif , gif
suffix trees - applications , gif
suffix trees - computational experience
suffix trees - related problems , gif
Suffix Trees and Arrays
sunny days
superstrings - shortest common
surface interpolation
surface structures
swap elements
sweepline algorithms , gif , gif
symbolic computation
symbolic set representation
Symbol Technologies
symmetric difference
symmetry detection
symmetry removal

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