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Most professional programmers are not well equipped to tackle algorithm design problems. The Algorithm Design Manual, written by Steven S. Skiena and published by Telos/Springer-Verlag is uniquely designed to provide access to combinatorial algorithms technology for computer professionals and students. This book is considerably different than other books on algorithms. Why?

Equally important is what we do not do in this book. We do not stress the mathematical analysis of algorithms, leaving most of the analysis as informal arguments. You will not find a single theorem anywhere in this book.

But what is a manual without software? This book comes with a substantial electronic supplement, a ISO-9660 compatible, multiplatform CD-ROM, which can be viewed using Netscape, Microsoft Explorer, or any other WWW browser. This CD-ROM contains:

Together, this book covers material sufficient for a standard Introduction to Algorithms course. Its assumes the reader has completed the equivalent of a second programming course, typically titled Data Structures or Computer Science II . Special textbook oriented-features include:

``I have no doubt that it will become a classic the day it is published. It has all the right ingredients: rich contents, friendly, personal language, subtle humor, the right references, and a plethora of pointers to resources.''
-- P. Takis Metaxas, Wellesley College.

``A major theme that runs through the book is that the most important technique to solve an algorithmic problem from the real world is to learn how to model the problem well. I did not believe this before; the book did an admirable job of convincing me that there is considerable truth in it.''
-- Giri Narasimhan, The University of Memphis.

``The questions on problem solving are good enough that they ought to be talked about in every programming class in the undergraduate curriculum.''
-- Ron Danielson, Santa Clara University.

Check out the preface and table of contents for more information. You may order this book, and are encouraged to do so. You might also be interested in my previous book, Implementing Discrete Mathematics .

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