Department of Computing Science
Lic Dissertations
Umeå universitet


Erik Billing2009
Cognition Reversed - Robot Learning from Demonstration

Per-Olov Östberg2009
Architectures, Design Methodologies, and Service Composition Techniques for Grid Job and Resource management

Lars Karlsson2009
Blocked and Scalable Matrix Computations - Packed Cholesky, In-Place Transposition, and Two-Sided Transformations

Marie Nordström2009
He[d]uristics - Heuristics for designing object oriented examples for novices

Ola Ringdahl2007
Techniques and Algorithms for Autonomous Vehicles in Forest Environment

Johan Tordsson2006
Decentralized Resource Brokering for Heterogenous Grid Environments

Peter Gardfjäll2006
Capacity Allocation Mechanisms for Grid Environments

Ulrika Hägglund2006
Modelling and Matching Information Interests for Personalised Services

Magnus Eriksson2006
An Approach to Software Product Line Use Case Modeling

Thomas Nilsson2005
Resource Allocation and Service Differentiation in Wireless Local Area Networks

Robert Granat2005
Contributions to Parallel Algorithms for Sylvester-type Matrix Equations and Periodic Eigenvalue Reordering in Cyclic Matrix Products

Christina Olsén2005
Automatic Assessment of Mammogram Adequacy

Stefan Johansson2005
Stratification of Matrix Pencils in Systems and Control: Theory and Algorithms

Helena Lindgren2005
Managing Konwledge in the Development of a Decision-Support System for the Investigation of Dementia

Jeanette Tångrot2003
The Use of Structural Information to Improve Biological Sequence Similarity Seraches

Kalle Prorok2003
Reinforcement Learning Systems - A Study using Bidding in the Game of Bridge

Greger Wikstrand2003
Improving user comprehension and entertainment in wireless streaming media

Jan-Erik Moström2002
Using Concurrent Constructs in an Authoring Environment for Teaching

M. Angeles Galan Garcia2001
Generalised Terms

Björn Bengtsson 1999
Virtual Communication

Mikael Rännar 1999
Algorithm Design for Parallel Matrix Computations Using CONLAB

Fredrik Georgsson 1999
Computer Aided Medical Imaging with Applications in Mammographic Screening

Thomas Hellström 1998
A Random Walk through the Stock Market

Petter Wiberg 1998
Projections and Surfaces in Numerical Methods for Eigenvalue Problems

Lena Kallin 1998
Applied Neural Logic

Anders Broberg 1997
Cognitive Tools for Learning

Niclas Börlin 1997
High Precision Measurements in Digital Radiographs

Gunilla Wikström 1997
Algorithms and Software for the Computation of Parameters Occuring in ODE-models

Jun Zhou 1996
Fuzzy Controller Tuning

Annika Westergren 1996
(Hu)man Computer Interaction - A Feminine Perspective

Olof Johansson 1995
A Functional Language for Microcomputers

Erik Marklund 1995
Connected Colimits as Types: a Categorical Data Abstraction

Maria Söderlind 1994
Parallel Methods for Nonlinear Least Squares Problems

Erik Lindström 1993
Parallel Unification Algorithms: From Theory to Practice

Stefan Bylund 1993
AC Completion in Practice

Ying Zhang 1993
Generalizing Recursive Path Orderings for AC Rewriting Systems

Erik Tärnvik 1993
A Tool for Dynamic Load Balancing and its Application on a Combinatorial Optimization Problem

Erik Elmroth 1992
Design, Modeling and Evaluation of Parallel Block Matrix Factorization Algorithms for Shared and Distributed Memory Architectures

Krister Dackland 1992
Design, Modeling and Evaluation of Parallel Block Matrix Factorization Algorithms for Shared and Distributed Memory Architectures

Peter Jacobson 1992
The CONcurrent Laboratory: Algorithm Design for and Simulation of Parallel Architectures

Per Ling 1991
Design and Implementation of High Performance Linear Algebra Kernels for IBM 301990 VF

Kjell Borg 1991
Designing a Visual UNIX User Interface

Jerry Eriksson 1991
Parallel Global Optimization Using the Interval Method

Peter Poromaa 1990
Design, Implementation and Performance of Parallel Block Algorithms for the Triangular Sylvester Equation with Condition Estimators

Leif Nyström 1990
Algorithms and Program System for Roentgen Stereophotogrammetric Analysis

Inge Söderqvist1990
Some Numerical Methods for Kinematical Analysis

Mårten Gulliksson1990
Algorithms for Nonlinear Least Squares with Applications to Orthogonal Regression

Terttu Orci1990
Clause Graph Inference in Modal Logic Q

Anders Barrlund 1988
Two Problems in Numerical Linear Algebra

Lennart Edblom1984
Basic Concepts of Functional Languages and Their Extension to Realtime

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