Department of Computing Science
PhD Dissertations
Umeå universitet


Ola Ågren2009
Finding, Extracting and Exploiting Structure in Text and Hypertext

Johan Tordsson2009
Portable Tools for Interoperable Grids - Modular Architectures and Software for Job and Workflow Management

Stefan Johansson2009
Tools for Control System Design - Stratification of Matrix Pairs and Periodic Riccati Differential Equation Solvers

Christina Olsén2008
Towards Automatic Image Analysis for Computerised Mammography

Jeanette Tångrot2008
Structural Information and Hidden Markov Models for Biological Sequence Analysis

Thomas Nilsson2008
Distributed Multiple Access and Service Differentiation Algorithms for Wireless Networks

Annabella Loconsole2008
Definition and validation of requirements management measures

Magnus Eriksson2007
Engineering Families of Software-Intensive Systems using Features, Goals and Scenarios

Robert Granat2007
Algorithms and Library Software for Periodic and Parallel Eigenvalue Reordering and Sylvester-Type Matrix Equations with Condition Estimation

Johanna Högberg2007
Contributions to the Theory and Applications of Tree Languages

Claude Lacoursière2007
Ghosts and Machines: Regularized Variational Methods for Interactive Simulations of Multibodies with Dry Frictional Contacts

Helena Lindgren2007
Decision Support in Dementia Care: Developing Systems for Interactive Reasoning

Greger Wikstrand2006
Human Factors and Wireless Network Applications - More Bits and Better Bits

Pedher Johansson2006
Software Tools for Matrix Canonical Computations and Web-Based Software Library Environments

Thomas Viklands2006
Algorithms for the Weighted Orthogonal Procrustes Problem and other Least Squares Problems

Maria Angeles Galan Garcia2004
Categorical Unification

Lena Kallin Westin2004
Preprocessing perceptrons

Isak Jonsson2003
Recursive Blocked Algorithms, Data Structures, and High-Performance Software for Solving Linear Systems and Matrix Equations

Thomas Pederson2003
From Conceptual Links to Causal Relations, Physical-Virtual Artefacts in Mixed-Reality Space

Gunilla Wikström2002
Computation of Parameters in some Mathematical Models

Fredrik Georgsson2001
Algorithms and Techniques for Computer Aided Mammographic Screening

Thomas Hellström2001
Techniques and Software for Development and Evaluation of Trading Strategies

Niclas Börlin2000
Model-Based Measurements in Digital Radiographs

Anders Broberg2000
Tools for Learners as Knowledge Workers

Krister Dackland 1999
Design, Modeling, and Evaluation of High-Performance Algorithms for Matrix Factorizations and Matrix Pair Reductions

Per Ling 1998
High Performance Linear Algebra Kernels for Advanced Computer Architectures

Peter Poromaa 1997
High Performance Computing. Algorithms and Library Software for Sylvester Equations and Certain Eigenvalue Problems with Applications in Condition Estimation

Jerry Eriksson 1996
Optimization and Regularization of Nonlinear Least Squares Problems

Erik Elmroth 1995
Matrix Computations: Factorizing in Parallel and Surfing the Kronecker Structure Hierarchies

Mårten Gulliksson 1993
Algorithms for Overdetermined System of Equations

Inge Söderqvist 1993
Computing Parameters in Nonlinear Least Squares Models

Anders Barrlund 1991
A Numerical Solution of Higher Index Differential/Algebra

Kenneth Holmström 1988
Algorithms for Equilibrium Analysis in Solution Chemistry

Lars-Erik Janlert 1985
Studies in Knowledge Representation. Modeling Change - the Frame Problem. Pictures and Words.

Thomas Ericsson 1983
Algorithms for Large Sparse Symmetric Generalized Eigenvalue Problems

Per Lindström 1983
Algorithms for Nonlinear Least Squares - Particularly Problems with Constraints

Kerstin Malmqvist 1979
A Feasibility Study of a Deep Exploration Project for Massive Sulphides in an Old Mining District

Bengt Nordström 1978
Some Concepts for Very High Level Languages

Bo Kågström 1977
Methods for the Numerical Computation of Matrix Functions and the Treatment of ill Conditioned Eigenvalue Problems

Torbjörn Wiberg 1977
Permutation of an Unsymmetric Matrix to Block an Triangular form

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